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10 Best Dunks of the Season

Apr 23, 2012 in Sports/Entertainment. 0 Comment

10 Best Dunks of the Season

After a prolonged hiatus due to the collective bargaining lockout, the 2011-2012 NBA Season is back in full glory, and so are the dunks. In just over a month, there’s already an extensive reel of highlights that transcend into the realm of athletic and artistic perfection. Even though it’s early, here are the best dunks made so far:


10. Corey Maggette of the Charlotte Bobcats started the season with a bang after an alley-oop slam dunk in a match against the Milwaukee Bucks. As Maggette soared through the air, he reached slightly behind his body to grab the ball, and then lurched forward to throw the ball down on the rim.


9. Vince Carter of the Dallas Mavericks predictably comes in the top ten with his master slam dunk skills. In one of the most in-your-face dunks of the season, Carter gracefully weaved around the seemingly stunned Hornets defense to stuff the ball in the net.


8. JaVaie McGee may have been benched by the Washington Wizards coach shortly after a showboating slam, but by all accounts it was worth it. He made for a fast break down court and bounced the ball of the glass before he nailed the dunk.


7. No list of best dunks of the season would be complete without LeBron James. In a late December game against the Timberwolves, James made three sky-high dunks. Then again, it’s just Lebron being Lebron.


6. Blake Griffin is king of the lob. Because of his impressive athleticism, Griffin is an exciting player to watch; moreover, the man can dunk. In this clip, the announcer says, “uh oh!” as the thunk of the dunk reverberates through the Staples Center.


5. Jason Thompson creates a thing of beauty when he slams the dunk over opponent Chris Kaman’s head. 


4. In a posterizing dunk against the Celtics, John Wall leaps for glory at the hoop despite the technical foul called on the play. Wall warmly welcomed the rookie Celtics Center Greg Stiemsma with this instant youtube hit.


3. On Christmas Day last year, Dwayne Wade gave NBA fans a present to celebrate the return of the NBA. Teammate LeBron James passed on the alley-oop opportunity to touch the ball one-handed back to Wade, who finished with the dunk. 


2. In a huge lob against the L.A. Lakers, DeAndre Johnson made a clear pathway to the net by simply extending his body. With one hand, he pulled the ball up over his head and slammed it into the net. Johnson’s perfect dunk form is what makes this clip so great: his body reaches to the net as one arm pushes down seven-foot Pau Gasol.   


1. Dunk of the season (so far) goes to rookie Kenneth Faried, who received a sweet no-look backwards pass from teammate Rudy Fernandez, and slammed it into the net to the thrill of the crowd.



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