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The Most Technologically Advanced Cars in the World

Jul 18, 2011 in Tech. 0 Comment

Futurist William Gibson once said, “The future is here—it’s just not evenly distributed.” New innovations often start in high-end luxury products and take years to trickle down to the rest of us. Here is a look at three advanced cars that provide a glimpse at the future of automobiles. 


Lexus LS 600h L

Lexus’ performance hybrid is equipped with so many new features, that it’s almost inaccurate to call it a car. It’s more like a time machine with wheels. Advanced parking guidance systems, brake assist, and active pedestrian detection systems make the LS 600h L almost impossible to crash, and point towards the future of automated driving systems. The cabin is supremely quiet and comfortable, and while the fuel economy is not too spectacular for a hybrid (21miles per gallon), the ultra-low emissions make this car easy on the environment. 



Bugati Veyron

With a top speed of 267 miles per hour and a sticker price north of $1.5 million, the Bugati Veyron is the fastest and most expensive car in the world. Renowned car critic Jeremy Clarkson called it “the greatest car every made and the greatest car we will ever see in our lifetime.” There are a variety of engineering innovations at work on the Veyron, including a sixteen-cylinder engine and specialized run flat tires, that ensure the car is not only crazy fast, but also remarkably easy to drive; even at high speeds.



Cadillac One

The Presidential State Car is easily the most advanced car on the planet. Endearingly referred to as “Cadillac One” or “The Beast,” this one-of-a-kind car is fitted with five-inch thick military armor and bulletproof glass. The door alone weighs as much as the Boeing 757 airplane cabin door. The President’s ride is air tight and soundproof; outside crowds can only be heard through in-car speakers. Cadillac One also has a completely self-contained oxygen supply and fire-fighting system built into the trunk. Also in the trunk, is a blood bank of the President’s blood type. Many of the vehicle’s most advanced features are classified for security reasons, but the Secret Service has confirmed the presence of an integrated weapons system capable of firing tear gas and grenades with amazing precision. 



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