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Prevent Injuries at the Gym

Mar 05, 2012 in Lifestyle . 0 Comment

Prevent Injuries at the Gym

It is an excellent habit to start a workout program at your local gym. However, injuries may occur when you begin a new program. Here are some tips to help you stay injury free while you get fit.

Take Time to Warm Up

This is a problem for veterans and newbies alike. When you are short on time, it is easy to skip the warm-up to get right into the workout. However, this can cause injury to muscles that are tight and stiff from not getting warmed up properly. When you fail to warm up, you put added stress onto your muscles, which can cause a strained or pulled muscle.


Don’t Overdo It

When an exercise routine feels too easy, you can end up overdoing it. You will feel more than just the usual soreness from working your muscles. For strength training, you may be using a weight that is too heavy. With cardio, you may be working out on the treadmill or elliptical for too long. You may not even feel the pain right away, but the next day you will be too sore to move. You may notice swelling because you stressed your muscles too much.


Use Correct Form

Make sure you know how to use the gym equipment correctly. This includes setting up the equipment and being in the proper position when using it. If you do not have the correct form, you can put added stress on muscles and joints and cause injury or pain.



When you do the same thing over and over, you can get a repetitive stress strain. This results from overtraining a certain muscle. If you focus on the same exercises with the same muscles, other muscles get neglected.


Another problem with doing the same exercises repeatedly is that you can get careless and not pay attention to what you are doing. This increases the chance of injury, because you aren’t paying attention to how you are performing your exercises.



Many new exercisers are overzealous and may want to work out every day. While enthusiasm makes exercise more fun, it can be dangerous when you overdo it. Your muscles need rest just as much as they need exercise. In fact, it is during rest periods that the muscles get stronger.  


Experts recommend not to work the same muscle group two days in a row on strength training. It is also a good idea to take a day or two off in the week from cardio training. Vary the intensity, too. Some days you can do high intensity workouts like running, while on other days you can go for a brisk walk. Light activity is good for you and it allows your body to recover from tougher workouts.


Exercising is a great habit to get into, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Exercise smart and you will prevent injuries that can keep you sidelined.

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