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Rules for Holiday Tipping

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Rules for Holiday Tipping

Holidays are a time to thank the people who have helped you all year long. One way to do that is to add a holiday tip. It can be difficult to know how much you should tip. Here is a quick guide to help you.


Create a Budget

Decide how much you want to spend on tips this year. Stay within your budget regardless of how much others tip. Once you know your budget, you need to decide whom you will tip. A general rule of thumb is to tip anyone who provides a service to you. If you are at a loss knowing who that might be, here is a list:


-Housekeepers or the cleaning company


-Mail carriers

-Newspaper delivery person


-Garbage collectors


Things to Consider

There are some things you should consider when deciding how much to tip. How long have you used their services? How often do they work for you, and what is the quality of the service?


Where you live will also influence the amount expected. Services in large cities will receive bigger tips than in small towns. Some tips will keep the same rules but the amount will be less.


If you would rather give a gift card instead of cash, make sure the card is with a vendor that will stay in business, or is a nationwide company that can be found anywhere. You don’t want to give a gift card and make it an inconvenience for the person to use it.



There are some basic guidelines that you can follow no matter where you live. When tipping a beautician, the tip should be an additional $25 to $50, or double the usual tip if in doubt. Housecleaners will get a tip equal to one cleaning trip.


Babysitters should get a tip equal to an average babysitting visit. If it is a long-time babysitter that your child really likes, you should also get a small gift. A newspaper delivery person would get around $10 to $20.


Other service people, such as the mail carrier, would not be allowed to accept money. They are only allowed to accept small, inexpensive gifts. If you are not sure that a person is allowed to receive gifts, call the company or business and ask a manager or HR personnel.


You may not be able to tip everyone who provides a service to you. The best way to determine who you will tip is to choose the people whose service means the most to you. You can also decide to give small gifts instead of money.  


Even if you cannot tip or give a gift, or you are not allowed to, one way to show appreciation is by writing a short thank you note. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy - just a few words telling the person that you appreciate what they do for you. That is what tipping is really about.

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