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Enhancing Your Business through Mobile Apps

Sep 25, 2013 in Tech. 0 Comment

Enhancing Your Business through Mobile Apps

Among all emerging technologies available to us in the 21st century, mobile technology is the one that is moving ahead at the fastest pace. Traditional website visits are still the majority, but compared with just a year ago, traditional internet usage has fallen 10 percent, while mobile usage has almost doubled.  

Our phones have become much more than just a way to talk to each other. Tablets have changed the way we search, learn, and do business. As a business owner, you have to get on this train, or be run over by it. 

Thinking about one platform doesn’t do it anymore. Apps are developed differently for Apple, Androids, Windows, and Blackberry devices, but if planned correctly, apps can be created for all of them on just one framework.

Virtual Office

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as long as there’s an internet connection, you can access all aspects of your business. It’s a blessing and a curse – you are always connected, including in the middle of the night or a vacation. But if you’re a business person who loves his business, you’ll be glad to connect. Apps enable access to project management software, client relations management software, time tracking, document sharing, and expenses and invoicing.

Tempo AI – This is a personal assistant that links your calendar events to relevant emails and attachments. It displays directions to your next appointment and pulls up info and emails easily.

Brewster – Brewster is a contact organizer app that pulls contacts from your various social profiles to compile a comprehensive list of all the people you know.

CloudOn – This app runs Microsoft Office on iPads and Android tablets and is designed to work on a touch interface.

Kyocera – Kyocera lets you print and send files, scans, and images from the mobile device.

Invoicing and Finance

ZNAP and Inuit Pay allow you to collect money if you’re selling in an area where there’s no electricity. This is great for home-based businesses that sell on fairs and markets.

Other apps will help you issue invoices and stay on top of your accounts. Quickbooks, for example, works through a cloud on mobile devices.

Customer Data

Bento – This app works as a database and will organize data and clients, track projects, and print QR codes and labels.

Evernote – Evernote is a whole family of apps now, including Penultimate, a hand writing app, and Web Clipper that lets you clip web pages and more.



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