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14 Hacks That Make Moving Hassle Free

Nov 26, 2014 in Homeowner. 0 Comment

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Try these hassle-free moving hacks to make your next move a breeze.

Prep Work

Preparation is important if you want your move to go smoothly. The following tips will help.

-Start sorting. Get a set of storage containers and label them ‘Sell’, ‘Donate’, and ‘Toss’. Line the Toss container with a yard waste bag. Go through your belongings. Pack what you’ll keep, and dispose of the rest appropriately.

-Don’t bother with a yard sale at your new place. Chances are you’ll run out of steam long before then. Instead, use your smartphone to snap photos of items that are sure to sell quickly, price them to go and share on Craigslist or social media. Specify pick-up or nearby meetings to minimize no-shows and wasted trips.

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Coding is About to Get Easier with PLINY

Nov 24, 2014 in Tech. 0 Comment

Coding is About to Get Easier with PLINY

When Google introduced autocomplete and started finishing users’ sentences in their search engine, there was a flood of hilarious stories about incorrect guesses made by the algorithm. Despite this, the feature has certainly not gone away. In fact, it makes searching faster by allowing users to type less. It also cuts down on spelling mistakes and other errors. 

Now, an ambitious new project plans to create an autocomplete for programmers. Dubbed PLINY after the Roman who authored the first encyclopedia, the tool has the potential to make coding as easy as searching the web. 

$11 Million Project

“Imagine the power of having all the code that has ever been written in the past available to programmers at their fingertips as they write new code or fix old code,” said Vivek Sarkar, Rice’s E.D. Butcher Chair in Engineering, chair of the Department of Computer Science and the principal investigator (PI) on the PLINY project, in a statement.

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The Best Business Resources for Etsy

Nov 21, 2014 in Business/Finance. 0 Comment

The Best Business Resources for Etsy

Etsy is a great place for entrepreneurs to sell their wares. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started, or an already thriving Etsy store looking to move up to the next level, there are a number of tools available to help increase your store sales.

Scaling Up

Etsy has recently incorporated guidelines that allow shop owners to scale up their business in a way that still represents the company’s values. The new policy allows shop owners to partner with manufacturers to produce their designs, hire staff, or have outside shipping partners. 

According to a statement from Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, “We did this with the needs of the Etsy community in mind, motivated by the desire to help our sellers build and support responsible, independent creative businesses.” He further stated, “When we made these changes, we knew that not everyone would embrace them, but we believed they were essential for Etsy to continue to thrive as a community and platform.”

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Incorporating Smart Features into Your New Home’s Design

Nov 19, 2014 in Homeowner. 0 Comment

Incorporating Smart Features into Your New Home’s Design

With the integration of smartphones into our daily life, more home builders are opting to add smart features to their new homes. Check out these available options for your home.

Climate Control

Would you like to have a house that remembers and sets the appropriate temperature for you? Nest’s Learning Thermostat does just that for under $250. Its software learns your usage patterns and then selects the right temperature for you based on your past usage. Its interface is similar to that of the iPod and is easy to use. Wi-Fi connectivity means you can adjust temperatures from afar if needed.

Enforcing lights-out for the kids just got easier. With Bluetooth-enabled connectivity, you can set or change the lighting from anywhere in range. Avi-on, manufacturer of smart light switches for GE’s Jasco brand, Oort and Seed are among a few companies that are creating Bluetooth-friendly light switches.

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NFL’s Name of the Year: Charles Tillman

Nov 17, 2014 in Sports/Entertainment. 0 Comment

NFL’s Name of the Year: Charles Tillman

It’s common to hear or read about NFL players getting into trouble. With the number of scandals that have been in the public eye recently, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has come under fire for not being strict in punishing these athletes. It seems as though there is always a story about a multimillion dollar athlete that is engaged in some form of debauchery.

Players like Chicago Bears defensive back Charles Tillman seem to never get the publicity they deserve. “What type of trouble is Tillman in?” you may ask. His story is quite different from what you may think.

Above The Crowd

Charles is the recipient of the NFL Man of the Year award. He has done a tremendous amount of work in his community and with local and national charitable organizations. Nicknamed ‘Peanut’, Tillman has been a finalist for the last three seasons and is the fifth Bear to win the award.

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